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The little apartment teaches you what is most important to you

The little apartment teaches you what is most important to you
Moving from a smaller city to a larger one, most people can not afford a big home and bet on the less. This automatically leads to a problem. You have to pack your entire life in two suitcases. When you're young, it's easier and you do not think much about it.
But as the years go by the whole process of getting rid of the items accumulated over the years is tough. The little apartment teaches you what's most important to you. The question is how to get your stuff in your little townhouse? Here is the right strategy!
The hard thing about decorating small spaces is that they increase the disadvantages. When everything in the apartment is about half a meter away from your eyes, you will really notice when something is wrong. This means that the details matter and you can make a big difference playing with them. If your space seems a little strange to you, or if you're supposed to throw away everything unnecessarily, but your apartment still seems unexplainably overcrowded, look at these five details that can make the change in your mini space.


1. Blinds that are mounted in the frame of the window, not above it

In a perfect world we will all have beautiful panoramic windows. Overlooking the garden. But in the real world, especially in the world of apartments, you need blinds so that what's happening in your apartment will not be public. For the modern interior, I prefer cloth roller blinds in fresh shades that have a nice, minimalist look - especially if you fit them in the window frame. This increases the volume as you do not cover the entire window, and looks more elegant.


2. Furniture that do not touch the floor

 This does not mean furniture that is too high above the surface of the floor, but with a foot a few centimeters, creating a feeling of eagerness and the illusion of extra space. In other words, if you buy a new sofa, take one without the coverture to the ground.


3. Shelves on the walls instead of ceiling-high cabinets

Wall shelves are a great choice for small spaces because they remove all unnecessary parts of the cabinets - the sides, the back - and if you take them in white, they merge into the wall, creating a nice optics. You can also mount them over other furniture such as a desk or dresser, which gives extra space for stacking.


4. Carpet that is large enough

Too small carpets are enemy No 1 or enemy No 2 , because No 1 is artwork that hangs too high. Perhaps it seems strange to you that when your space is very small, something is big enough and that can be a problem. But it is! The small carpet can divide the area of ​​the floor and visually shrink the space.


5. Which work of art is appropriate for your place

Similarly, a picture that is not large enough can create the illusion that little space is even narrower. Everything is a matter of proportion and feeling. The good rule is that the small work of art goes to small walls, big walls need a big picture. It is usually better to avoid groups of smaller paintings and to select a larger one.


6. Optimisation

Optimizing niches, built-in wardrobes with hidden appliances and doors in the same color as the walls are also a great idea, so your apartment always looks clean and tidy. After all, we inhabit the space left free from furniture! So choose lighter and lighter chairs and sofa to increase the volume of your room!

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